Finally Fed Up

It should be common knowledge by now that I have struggled with my weight and body image issues practically my ENTIRE life.  I was in the “best” shape of my relatively young life from ages 15-19 y.o. I was very active yet ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted.  In college I developed horrible eating habits as many college students often do…then these eating habits continued post grad life.

I was miserable.  I was using food as comfort to numb out feelings that I didn’t want to feel.  I went through a pretty bad break-up a few years ago and leaned towards food to cope, to heal.

It was a downward spiral.

Last November, my mom came to visit me and was very honest with me.  She was worried and I knew I couldn’t continue the way I was…I couldn’t binge on pizza, ice cream, and oreos whenever I felt sad or upset.

So we watched a documentary called “Fed Up” (…Watching this documentary I could not help but get emotional because I related so much to the issues that were mentioned.

I was killing myself with food.

Almost immediately after finishing the documentary I cleaned out my pantry and fridge of most processed foods.  The next day I started anew.  It wasn’t a was a lifestyle change.  No meat or processed food for a solid 21 days.  I can say for those first weeks, I felt like a druggie sobering up…It was pretty brutal.

Fast forward almost five months..I still eat mostly clean. I do allow myself to indulge once every so often…and sometimes I overindulge (I’m human).

The difference now is that I finally got fed up with my unhealthy relationship with food and I wanted to be healthy.  I wanted to practice self-love.

I am by no means at my goal weight but I am definitely on the way there.

40 lb weight loss

in four months i have lost a solid 40 lbs – all without excessive hours at the gym and mostly by eating clean..eating less processed foods, and eating mostly a plant based diet.

For anyone struggling with their weight, body image, etc.  I highly encourage you to check out the “Fed Up” and “Hungry for Change” documentaries.  Educate yourself, identify the reasons for wanting to get healthy, and most importantly, LOVE YOURSELF AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR TEMPLE.




2015: Year of The Blessing (or Luck)

Hola BellaBeauties!

Well, 2015 is here – REALLY here. I like to think of January as somewhat of a prelude to the year, by the end of February -you know that you’re REALLY in a new year.

2014 ended for me on a reflective note. Two weeks before the big holiday (aka Christmas) I lost a beloved great aunt. The death of a loved one coupled with work issues, lack of sleep, lack of sugar (watch “Fed Up” and “Hungry For Change” – blog post coming soon), and lack of sunlight made for a not very happy or functioning BellaBeauty808. The last month of 2014 brought an upheaval to my life…my life somewhat crumbled around me and as a result – I somewhat crumbled inside. I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much in my young adult life like I cried the last month of 2014.

I cried and cried…and cried some more. I would get to my tiny apartment from work, take off my shoes, coat, and throw myself on to my bed and cry until my tears turned into this incoherent gasping of some sort. I must admit, some of my best tears were cried in the shower. Hot water would trickle down as I cried (and cried) and as I forgave myself for having built a life not authentic to my true self.

So January 2015 begins (the prelude) and I realize that I have to let go of certain relationships, certain people, certain foods (yes- more this in another upcoming post), certain behaviors, and the past. The death of a loved one REALLY puts things in perspective and makes you realize life is too short to live life trying to please others and not being true to yourself.

So February 2015 is quickly coming to an end and I realize this year is different. I went into 2015 with a new perspective, some new goals (some which I’ve been progressively achieving), and free of loads that I’ve been carrying for far too long.

2015 is the year of the Blessing – or Luck, whatever tickles your fancy (did I use that right?). Why have I proclaimed 2015 as the year of the Blessing (or Luck) here on BellaBeauty808? Because it is what I am expecting and it is what I am thankful for.

Oh and 2015’s Pantone color of the Year is Marsala. It’s beautiful, unassuming, and neutral.

2014 NYE

2014 NYE

Besos Bellabeauties.



Make-Up by BlendBlotBlush! A Blessed DC based Make-Up Artist on the Golden Path!!

Freelance Make-Up Artist can be reached via email: (DMV and available for travel)

Freelance Make-Up Artist, Flo Carey, can be reached via email: (DMV and available for travel)

Hello All!!! Wow!! January is just flying by!!  Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!! Can you believe it?  I can..I’m single so Valentine’s Day is a little sweet and sour.  Anyways!  Back to tonight’s HIGHLIGHT…BlendBlotBlush!  BlendBlotBlush is actually Florence Carey. Just to give y’all a little background…I met Flo while working part-time at a well known beauty store where you can buy many high end cosmetics.  From the moment I met Flo, I knew she had a gift.  Not only did she have a gift, but her warm personality was absolutely contagious. When you meet Flo, the first thing you notice about her is her stunning smile coupled with dimples (#teamdimples).  Her beautiful spirit radiates outwards and not only is she amazing, but she’ll make you feel amazing as well. I am so blessed to know her and am so excited for her bright future as a Make-Up artist.

This past Saturday, Flo came over for dinner and decided to bless my face with her make-up brushes.  The result was stunning.  I felt so beautiful yet not overdone.  I felt glamorous. I felt like a Queen.

Besos, bellabeauty808