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2015: Year of The Blessing (or Luck)

Hola BellaBeauties!

Well, 2015 is here – REALLY here. I like to think of January as somewhat of a prelude to the year, by the end of February -you know that you’re REALLY in a new year.

2014 ended for me on a reflective note. Two weeks before the big holiday (aka Christmas) I lost a beloved great aunt. The death of a loved one coupled with work issues, lack of sleep, lack of sugar (watch “Fed Up” and “Hungry For Change” – blog post coming soon), and lack of sunlight made for a not very happy or functioning BellaBeauty808. The last month of 2014 brought an upheaval to my life…my life somewhat crumbled around me and as a result – I somewhat crumbled inside. I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much in my young adult life like I cried the last month of 2014.

I cried and cried…and cried some more. I would get to my tiny apartment from work, take off my shoes, coat, and throw myself on to my bed and cry until my tears turned into this incoherent gasping of some sort. I must admit, some of my best tears were cried in the shower. Hot water would trickle down as I cried (and cried) and as I forgave myself for having built a life not authentic to my true self.

So January 2015 begins (the prelude) and I realize that I have to let go of certain relationships, certain people, certain foods (yes- more this in another upcoming post), certain behaviors, and the past. The death of a loved one REALLY puts things in perspective and makes you realize life is too short to live life trying to please others and not being true to yourself.

So February 2015 is quickly coming to an end and I realize this year is different. I went into 2015 with a new perspective, some new goals (some which I’ve been progressively achieving), and free of loads that I’ve been carrying for far too long.

2015 is the year of the Blessing – or Luck, whatever tickles your fancy (did I use that right?). Why have I proclaimed 2015 as the year of the Blessing (or Luck) here on BellaBeauty808? Because it is what I am expecting and it is what I am thankful for.

Oh and 2015’s Pantone color of the Year is Marsala. It’s beautiful, unassuming, and neutral.

2014 NYE

2014 NYE

Besos Bellabeauties.